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  • Lower production costs
  • Automatic job changeover
  • No make-ready waste
  • End-to-end document integrity
  • In-line binding integration

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Product Description

Convert multiple image press sheets into smaller professionally finished pages without the demand for guillotine cutters. Tecnau’s PageReady® reduces manual print handling and consolidates labor-intense finishing operations into a single, efficient process.

PageReady utilizes fully automatic job setups to facilitate virtually unattended operation with no intervention required between jobs. FinishReady Controller is available for in-line PageReady to relay JDF job information from HP’s SmartStream Production Pro DFE.

In addition, there is no need for complex batching of jobs. PageReady adjusts in seconds to new sheet sizes and job impositions, guaranteeing continuous printer operation and eliminating make-ready waste. PageReady provides a number of output options for both flat documents and multi page documents, preserving significant flexibility for your print operation.

PageReady is available as an in-line solution for HP Indigo 7X00 sheet-fed presses, and is also available in an off-line version (PageReady OL) capable of supporting multiple sheet-fed presses

Technical Specifications

Paper Weight

40 lb. text to 130 lb. cover (60 – 350 gsm)

Input Sheet

Length: 419 – 483 mm / 16,5 – 19 in, Width: 279 – 330 mm / 11 – 13 in

Finished Page

Length: 101 – 483 mm / 4 – 19 in, Width: 127 – 330 mm / 5 – 13 in

Strip cut



4mm center trim available as special, Center: 6 – 15 mm / 0.24 – 0.59 in, Edge: 5 – 60 mm / 0.20 – 2.36 in


1-up, 2-up, 3-up, 4-up, 6-up, 8-up


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