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  • Large paper format handling
  • Speed up to 100 m/min (330 fpm)
  • Reliable lightweight paper handling
  • Up to 96 pages per newspaper
  • Versatile finishing options

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Product Description

Cut & stack digitally-printed newspapers
The NewsReady™ solution includes: The Unwinder 550, Cutter TC 7000, Accumulator TC 1007 L and Folder with Exit Conveyor.

Add a simple, economical digitally-printed newspaper finishing line to your operation. NewsReady cuts, accumulates, folds and stacks sets of up to 24 sheets (96 pages), ready for delivery.

Finished newspapers are neat, well folded and accumulated on an exit conveyor to be collected by the operator or delivered to near-line or off-line inserters. The NewsReady cutter cartridges have a unique design which enables quick application changeover and easy on-site maintenance.

This modular system can be easily reconfigured with a Tecnau stacker and shingling conveyor – run newspapers at night with the Accumulator‑Folder, and swap modules the next morning for more conventional, non-folded cut/stack applications. Users are not tied to a single, inflexible solution.

The NewsReady system operates in-line with web-fed digital printers at speeds up to 330 ft/min. This solution features the Unwinder 550, Buffer b12, Cutter TC 7000 HS, Accumulator TC 1007 L and Folder with Exit Conveyor.

The system produces 1-up folded booklets with up to 24 sheets (96 pages) in each set to an exit conveyor ready for delivery or inserting.

The center-shaft driven Unwinder 550 starts the process by feeding a roll of paper up to 52” in diameter into the digital press (or to the Cutter in an offline configuration) for several hours of continuous, uninterrupted printing. The Unwinder 550 handles a variety of media, with its center-shaft drive offering smooth, reliable feeding of lightweight paper.

Once material is printed, the Cutter TC 7000 series allows automatic form size changes with an unlimited number of form lengths detected through 2D code or selected by input data. The Cutter TC 7000 performs variable strip cuts by changing blade cartridges or by doing a double cut with a single blade. Blank paper and cleaning sheets are automatically diverted to the waste bin with no operator intervention.

The stacking Accumulator TC 1007 L precisely accumulates cut sheets to the chosen set size and gently delivers them to the Folder, which folds the accumulated set on the longitudinal axis and conveys it to the exit conveyor.

All components are modular, compact and are designed to dramatically improve work-flow.

Technical Specifications

Speed max.

100 m/min ~ 330 f/min

Paper Weight

48 gsm min., 32# text min.

Web width

200 – 520 mm ~ 8″ – 20.5″

Web tension


Form width

up to 500 mm, up to 19.7″

Form Length

up to 700 mm, up to 25.5″

Stack height

up to 24 sheets each set (96 pages)

Roll diameter

100 – 1320 mm ≈ 4″ – 52″

Core size

70, 150, 200 mm, 3″, 5″, 6″

Optional Capabilities
Roll Cart
A variety of roll carts are available to hold and easily transport rolls up to 21” wide. The roll cart maneuvers smoothly to permit easy, quick loading of rolls from a pallet to the unwinder, completely eliminating manual lifting.

Vibrating Collecting Box
Stack together printed and folded books for easy handling and removal with the TC 0040 L Collecting Box.

Alternative Configuration
Cut & Stack Solution
The Stacker TC 1220 along with the Exit Conveyor TC 0320 can be substituted for the accumulator and folder to process up to 20.5” wide webs in 10” stacks with left to right offset.

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