Fanfold Trolley

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  • Large stacks up to 39″
  • Stackable

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Product Description

The Fanfold Trolley transports large fanfold stacks from the Tecnau Fanfolds. The Fanfold Trolley thus assists in the streamlining of high-volume transactional print and mail environment, as these bulk stacks are fed to inserters from the Fanfold Trolley.

The Fanfold Trolley docks into the Folder modules. The Folder feeds the completed large stacks up to 39 inches (991 mm) high automatically to the Fanfold Trolley while a new stack is begun. The operator fastens a “seat belt” over the form stack for stability, adds a removable handle to the slots on the Fanfold Trolley and disengages the trolley from the Folder. The Fanfold Trolley is then pushed along to the mailroom for feeding to inserters or is engaged into the Stack Turner for flipping over into the correct sequencing for insertion.

Fanfold Trolleys are stackable (see image) and compact, minimizing space requirements.

Technical Specifications

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 559 x 737 x 305 mm

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