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Continuous Punch, Fanfold and Static Perf. TC 1770

New product

  • Fanfold perforation intervals 7” to 20”, automatically adjustable from operator panel
  • Easily program application changes from operator panel or by remote access
  • Up to four line hole punching devices (for side and central line holes) and up to four vertical perforation knives – optional
  • Standard pre-processing or unique post-processing devic

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Product Description

Tecnau has applied advanced technology to the standard tractor hole punch/fanfold perforating processing. With this advanced TC 1770, operators no longer need to swap out heavy gears to change perforation spacing – the operator simply chooses the appropriate length on the touch-screen control panel.

The TC 1770 is equipped with an additional cross perforation cylinder in comparison with the TC 1750. The perforation position is also programmable from the control panel and can be easily changed job by job. This feature allows increased flexibility and a broader range of applications, making it possible to run static giro perf or coupon perf with a single processing unit.

The TC 1770 may be configured either before or after the high speed digital printer. The new post-printer configuration eliminates any possible risk of contamination of printing heads from paper dust generated by the punching or perforating process.

Whether before or after the printer, the TC 1770 is equipped with a vacuum system to clean the web and prevent paper dust from being transferred to the following process.

The TC 1770 Punch & Perf has been designed to work in line from Roll to Roll or Roll to Stack (FanFold) applications. The main features of the Continuous Punching Fanfold and Static Perforator are:

  • Two side punching devices.
  • Punching distance can vary from a minimum of 4.5” to a maximum of 21”.
  • Two independednt cross perforation cylinders
  • Rotating blade for cross perforation.
  • Programmable cross perforation position, from 7” to 20” intervals, at the maximum speed.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Paper speed: up to 150 m/min.
  • Register mark printing device.
  • Automatic synchronization on register mark or punch hole.
  • Paper exit: slack web or tight web.
  • In line connection with laser and digital printers.
  • Display and keyboard for programming, information and services.

Two tractor hole punch wheels are standard; two more wheels may be added for two-stream pinfeed punching. Punch wheels can be bypassed if fanfold perforating only is required.

Technical Specifications

Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 2240 x 1380 x 1260 mm
Speed max.

150 m/min ≈ 500 ft/min



Paper Weight

70 – 120 gsm (optional up to 160 gsm)

Web width

152 – 560 mm ≈ 6″ – 22″

Perf. Type


Punch Type


Perf. Distance

178 – 508 mm / 7″ – 20″ at maximum speed for each cylinder (2)

Punch Wheels Distance

114 – 533 mm / 4.5″ – 21″ in across the web

Punch Hole Diameter

4 mm / 0.16 in

Punch hole distance

12,7 mm ≈ 1/2″


1-up, 2-up, 4-up

Infield Upgrade



WebVision integrity and print quality control
PrePost Manager production control tool & operating system

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