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Dynamic Punching TC 1550 P

New product

  • Two, four or three (DP2) holes patterns per side
  • Speed up to 150 m/min for 12” forms
  • Read & Punch On The Fly
  • Loose web or tight web

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Product Description

The TC 1550 P Dynamic Perforator and Selective Punching Series is designed in modular groups, assembled with rigid metallic structures and high precision components that guarantee long life and easy maintenance.

The Tecnau Dynamic Perforators and Punching are generally integrated in complex systems like: digital ink-jet or laser printers, inserting machines, and finishing on demand applications because of their flexibility and high reliability and durability.

The main structure is built in stabilised aluminium and steel with cross bar of stabilised cast iron.

  • The TC 1550 DP1 Punching unit is equipped with 2 punching units, and allows punching, during continuous motion of the paper, on the left and on the right side of the paper.
  • The TC 1550 DP2 Punching unit is equipped with 4 punching units, and allows punching, during continuous motion of the paper, on the left and on the right side of the paper.

The Dynamic Punching TC 1550 DP1 has been developed to work with tight or slack paper webs, in line with Laser Printers, high speed inkjet Digital Printing Systems and finishing equipments. The main feature for this product are:

  • One (DP1) or two (DP2) punching device, with two indipendent punching wheels for 2-up applications.
  • The punch device is activated by 1D or 2D code reading with start/stop motion performing the punch pattern.
  • Different hole diameters available on the same punching wheel (1/4” – 3/8“ DIA).
  • Manual adjustment of the vertical file holes line at the paper web position.
  • Programmable punching position.
  • Punching position microprocessor controlled by OMR or Bar Code or D-Matrix readers.
  • “Read & Punch On The Fly” software for automatic detect and perform the applications, switching from one application to another within one sheet module.
  • Up to 89 different applications can be stored.
  • Automatic synchronization after blank paper.
  • Display and keyboard for programming, information and services.
  • Parallel and serial interface.

Technical Specifications

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 1340 x 1060 x 1220 mm
Speed max.

150 m/min ≈ 500 ft/min



Paper Weight

16# bond – 140# index / 60 – 250 gsm

Web width

152 – 520 mm ≈ 6″ – 20.5″

Punch hole distance

152 – 610 mm ≈ 6″ – 24″

Punch Wheels Distance

Standard European: 2 or 4 holes at 80 mm

Punch App.

Other applications are available on request

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