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High Pile Stacker h10

New product

  • Sheet jogger included
  • Sheet collection on trolley or pallet
  • Separation forks for continuous stacking while unloading the trolley/pallet

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Product Description

Long sheet stacking on pallets

The High Pile Stacker delivers non-stop: when the building stack nears maximum height, the h10 sounds an alarm to alert the operator.

When maximum height is reached, separation forks are extended to begin building a new stack.

The forks collect up to 60mm stacks to allow the operator sufficient time to manually unload the full trolley/pallet and place a new one inside the machine.

When the empty trolley/pallet is loaded, the forks automatically return to home position and sheets are transferred onto the trolley/pallet.

The High Pile Stacker can be connected directly to the Stacker with no need of the Feeder 568 device

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 4096 x 1282 x 1850 mm
Speed max.

150 m/min ≈ 500 ft/min

Paper Weight

80 – 250 gsm, 53 text – 178 index (below 80 and above 250 gsm requires application review)

Form width

250 – 520 mm, 9.84″ – 20.47″

Form Length

150 – 720 mm, 5.90″ – 28.34″ or up to 1000 mm (39.5″) as an optional and with limitations

Stack height

700 mm ≈ 27.5″

Output Options

1-up or 2-up (optional)

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