Sheet Cutter TC 3000

New product

  • Speeds up to 15.000 A4/hour
  • Book and PhotoBook applications
  • Eliminate manual guillotine phase
  • Quick application changeover

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Product Description

The TC 3000 cutter reduce A3+ digitally printed sheets into final output of variable size.

Rely on the Cutter TC 3000 for performance cutting from cut-sheet digital printers. The Cutter TC 3000 is an ideal solution for printers who are looking for flexibility and automation.

The cutter TC 3000 is targeted for book and photobook productions, reducing A3+ sheets into popular sizes such as A4, A5 and similars.

The cutter TC 3000 can be combined with multiple Tecnau collecting devices, such as the Shingling Conveyor TC 0250, the Vertical Stacker TC 1200 and the Continuous Offset Stacker TC 1220. The solution substitutes in full the guillotine phase, reducing manual handling and production time, keeping high quality output.

Tecnau cutters can be equipped with different cartridges with single or double knife -for single cut and strip removal- to support a broad range of applications. Tecnau cartridges have a unique design which enables quick application changeover and easy on site maintenance.

The cutter can be equipped with OMR or BCR code readers in order to perform job separation and keep control of production flow.

In combination with Tecnau Software Management System – TECMIS – the system can keep track of all processed sheets and report missing pages among every job in order to proceed with re-prints and complete customers’ orders.

Technical Specifications

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 1500 x 880 x 1200 mm
Speed max.

up to 7.500 A3 sheets per hour



Paper Weight

16 bond – 140 index, 60 – 250 gsm (coated and uncoated)

Input Sizes

102 – 420 mm, 4″ – 16.5″

Output Width

102 – 420 mm, 4″ – 16.5″

Output Length

102 – 406 mm, 4″ – 16″

Output Options:

TC 0250 – Shingling Conveyor

  • 1up and 2up paraller output
  • Shingling output
  • Job separation by creatng gaps on the conveyor
  • Manual Jogging before binding

TC 1200 – Vertical Stacker

  • 1up and 2up parallel output
  • Stacked output
  • Job separation by delivery on pack conveyor

TC 1220 – Continuous Offset Stacker

  • 1up and 2up parallel output
  • Stacked output with offset capability
  • Job separation by offset
  • Continuous delivery while producing

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