AutoLoad 92

New product

  • High capacity fanfold handling
  • Pinless fanfold
  • Automatic forms loading
  • Automatic form size changes
  • Efficient inserter feeding

Solution Modules

UNWINDER 550 FOLDER 92 Autoload Table

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Optional Capabilities

ROLL CART Mini Rack Stack Rack

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Product Description

Produce efficient, high-capacity fanfold stacks from your web-fed digital printer for bulk feeding to inserters. With the AutoLoad™ 92, you significantly decrease operator intervention in your fanfold print-to-mail operation, while improving both printer and inserter productivity and reducing space requirements.

The AutoLoad 92 solution features the pinless Folder 92, to eliminate waste caused by pinfed tractor holes. The folder offers automated forms loading for easy start-up and automatic form size changes. The AutoLoad 92 creates and delivers multiple stacks of up to 10,000 forms to the StackRack™ transfer cart of your choice. Choose from five different StackRack carts to best match your operation. Present output A-Z or Z-A as needed. StackRacks and inserter infeeds feed stacks directly to inserters for long, uninterrupted runs.

The AutoLoad 92 solution consists of the Unwinder 550, Folder 92, and AutoLoad Tilt Table T3. This system efficiently produces fanfold stacks of bills, statements, checks or other applications destined for the mail, at speeds up to 360 feet per minute. The center-shaft driven Unwinder 550 starts the process by feeding a roll of paper into the printer for several hours of continuous, uninterrupted printing. The Unwinder 550 handles a variety of media including lightweight paper, labels and coated stocks and offers consistent, reliable feeding.

Once material is printed, the AutoLoad Tilt Table T3 works in conjunction with the Folder 92 to fanfold and unload stacked forms. The Folder 92 fanfolds pinless or pinfed output from web-fed digital printers. The Folder 92 allows automatic form size changes with an unlimited number of form lengths.

Fanfolded output accumulates and moves down the conveyor until it is transferred onto the AutoLoad Tilt Table T3. When full, the AutoLoad Tilt Table T3 pivots to an upright position in either direction for A-Z or Z-A order and delivers a stack of up to 10,000 forms at a time. The stack is loaded on a StackRack cart for continuous feeding of high‑speed inserters.

All components are modular, compact and are designed to dramatically improve workflow.

Technical Specifications

Speed max.

110 m/min ≈ 360 ft/min


Pinfed or Pinless

Paper Weight

55 – 200 gsm

Roll diameter

100 – 1320 mm ≈ 4″ – 52″

Web width

152 – 495 mm ≈ 6″ – 19.5″

Form Length

155 – 405 mm / 6 – 16 in

Stack height

Up to 10000 sheets


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