FanFold f10

New product

  • High capacity fanfold handling
  • Automatic thread-up & stack ejection
  • Job separation
  • Automatic stack ejection
  • Reliable inserter feeding


Solution Modules

Unwinder 550 Folder f10

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Static Punching TC 1750 P Static Fanfold Perforator & Punching TC 1750 Dynamic Perforator TC 1550 PLUS Tecnau Connect WebVision

Product Description

Maximize productivity in your fanfold print to mail operation with the Fanfold f10 solution. This space efficient system produces top quality fanfold stacks from pinless or pinfed roll paper for bulk feeding of inserters or other finishing equipment. The Fanfold f10 runs up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min) for full compatibility with today’s most popular color ink‑jet printers.

The Folder f10 module includes a unique perforation compression technology, to create a flat stack for the most reliable inserter feeding. Fanfold f10 minimizes labor requirements as well. The system builds 39” (990 mm) high fanfold stacks for long print and inserter runs, automatically ejecting the stack onto a fanfold trolley. Two stacks may be formed before unloading is required. The Folder f10’s automatic thread‑up and automatic form‑size change features and color touch‑screen control panel also make it easier on your operators. And, all of this is accomplished in a very small footprint.

The Fanfold f10 system is comprised of the Unwinder 550 and Folder f10.

The center‑shaft driven Unwinder 550 feeds a roll of paper up to 21” wide and 52” in diameter into a web‑fed digital printer. The Folder f10 automatically threads-up the pinless or pinfed paper web, and automatically adjusts for varying form lengths – no gear change is required.

The Folder builds a stack up to 39” high, continually compressing the perforation folds to ensure a flat stack for reliable inserter feeding. When the maximum height is reached, the stack is automatically ejected onto a fanfold trolley and a new stack begins forming immediately, allowing the printer and folder to continue working nonstop.

The full trolley is then moved to an inserter where forms may be fed directly from the fanfold trolley. Fanfold trolleys are stackable and compact, minimizing space requirements. A removable handle facilitates trolley movement. A retractable “seat belt” holds the fanfold stack firmly in place.

For internal report and sys-out applications, markless job separation functionality is included in the Folder f10. When a markless signal is not available, an optional mark separation sensor kit may be added.

All components use standard power, are modular, compact, and are designed to dramatically improve work‑flow.

Technical Specifications



fold only: 150 m/min ≈ 500 ft/min; with job separation 76 m/min ≈ 250 ft/min


Pinfed or Pinless

Paper Weight

60 – 158 gsm / 16# – 42# bond

Roll diameter

100 – 1320 mm ≈ 4″ – 52″

Web width

200 – 530 mm ≈ 8″ – 21″

Form Length

102 – 215 mm / 4″ – 8.5″ (2 per fold), 200 – 430 mm / 8″ – 17″ (1 per fold)

Stack height

50 – 990 mm ≈ 2″ – 39″ ≈ 500 – 10.000 sheets

Automatic job separation



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